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Getting around

In case this is your first stay in Brno, you need elementary information on transport, boarding and more: “starter info pack“. No matter if you come on holiday or intend to stay, great sites to get useful information on #brnoregion include:


Of course, everybody is online and in social network of some kind so you can share your experience and passion for #brnoregion any time and any place you like. Info on service provided by Czech Post (Česká pošta) and phone providers has been compiled by Brno Expat Centre.


Road trips and daily commuting? Do not worry. If you do enjoy driving, drive in Brno and learn more on the regulations at ...


The topic and all system of public transport is large enough to make an independent article. And you will undoubtedly enjoy an app used by most Czechs to look up the best connection (which is not Tinder):

Greeting from central europe

A region in the middle
of everything

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