What has been the ace up our sleeves in creating the best environment for business in recent years? Networking and cooperating! For a long time we’ve been having the public, private and academic sectors cooperating with each other and you can see the results all around us. Just consider the dozens of successful local as well as foreign companies that people all over the world know. Here, people are open-minded and forthcoming and everything is close and within reach. And getting valuable contacts here is so simple!

And what about other benefits of #brnoregion? Cost-effective and educated. Its strategic location in the very heart of Europe, right at the source of qualified university graduates who speak foreign languages, turned it into a popular place to do business in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to found a startup, manage a successful company or look for a good thing to invest into. Business is well supported here in every single phase.

GDP per citizen – 17,131 EURO
48+% of students study at technology universities
Number of university graduates – approx. 18,000/year
Average monthly salary in the South Moravian Region is 1,150
Would you like to start your business? Do Business

Would you like to start your business?

Great to hear! In that case you could use these 10 brief advices. Read more


RedHat, Honeywell, or NetSuite. And Kiwi, Y Soft, or Safetica. These are very successful companies based in Brno. The list of leaders and their achievements is much longer and beyo... Read more
#brnoregion is a startup paradise Do Business

#brnoregion is a startup paradise

#brnoregion is undoubtedly a startup paradise, as shown not only by its 200+ existing active startups, but also by the global success that other similar projects born here have alr... Read more

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DATAWEPS Do Business


“If you are a customer and buy products in online stores, then you come across our services without even knowing it. And if you are a retailer or a producer selling products online, then you are likely to need some of our tools sooner or later,” says Honza Mayer, director of Dataweps. Read more
Taste the whole world in #brnoregion Live

Taste the whole world in #brnoregion

Based on an analysis by Bott and Co Solicitors, you can find 94 national cuisines in New York, making it number one in the world. No, #brnoregion isn’t this cosmopolitan, but our situation here is getting better every day, and tastes of Asia and North America are among the favourites. Read more
Masaryk University celebrates 100 years Study

Masaryk University celebrates 100 years

Masaryk University, the largest university in Moravia, was established in January 1919, just months after the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia, and it is now celebrating 100 years. Read more
NenoVision Do Business


“It was incredibly hard to imagine that this weird thing (which hadn’t been working properly yet) would one day become an actual product and work perfectly. That people would buy it, use it and find it very helpful in their work, as it would provide them with completely new imaging options.” Read more
We support entrepreneurial spirit! Do Business

We support entrepreneurial spirit!

A secondary school leaving certificate, or a university degree is a great achievement for most students. They ploughed through their studies, they sailed through the tests, they are champions. Hooray! Read more
FLOWMON Do Business


„What was originally an academic spin-off has become a successful global company, helping protect computer networks against cybernetic threats and DDoS attacks in over 35 countries all over the world.“ Jiří Tobola | CEO Flowmon Networks Read more
Too crazy for ordinary sports events? Live

Too crazy for ordinary sports events?

Visit #brnoregion! We are just crazy. But laughter heals! (And strengthens your abs.) Fun is a crucial part of our lives – without it, things would just be boring. Here we love to drive weird vehicles and put on fun fancy costumes to further work our abs. Read more
The secret of Czech Christmas Live

The secret of Czech Christmas

Christmas in the Czech Republic may seem the same as in lots of other countries. It’s cold, the city is covered with colourful lights, a decorated Christmas tree, good food, gifts, and lots of meetups with friends and relatives. So what’s so special about Czech Christmas then? Read more
Bastl Instruments Do Business

Bastl Instruments

“Czechs should be proud of their DIY past. The effort to restore respect for it and make the best of this heritage was the driving force of our business,” says Ondřej Merta, the CEO of Bastl Instruments. Read more
Left Netflix and Elon Musk Work

Left Netflix and Elon Musk

David Pavlík graduated from the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. Strong-minded as he was, he went on to successfully work for several top American companies in Silicon Valley, California. Now he has returned to #brnoregion. What drew the software engineer back home? Read more
The Industry 4.0 has arrived in #brnoregion Work

The Industry 4.0 has arrived in #brnoregion

Digitalization, robotic process automation, autonomous production, machines taking people’s jobs… Hey, slow down, would you? Each industrial revolution brought changes. In #brnoregion, however, we are not afraid that machines will take all our jobs and people will suddenly have nothing to do. We’ve been trying to make use of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the benefit of our people, companies and the entire region as well! Read more
What the IT guys in #brnoregion do after work Live

What the IT guys in #brnoregion do after work

It’s always great if you truly enjoy your work, but sometimes it’s also good to take a break and spend some time on something a bit different. Or someone completely different. We wanted to know what the IT guys from #brnoregion do after work, and were pretty surprised by what we heard! Read more
The devices by PSI are used all over as well as beyond the planet Earth Work

The devices by PSI are used all over as well as beyond the planet Earth

Photon Systems Instruments from a small village in #brnoregion has been developing and producing devices for research of plants for over twenty years now. Read more
Czech Republic spearheads speech research Do Business

Czech Republic spearheads speech research

“We were there at the inception of this success. Customers all over the world use our technologies,” says Petr Schwarz, the founder and current CTO of Phonexia. Read more
Who’s changing the world for the better? Live

Who’s changing the world for the better?

This time let’s talk about those who like to do things right while improving the world around them, no matter whether they’d like to help the deaf, fight the drought or invest the money into building the community. Even though their efforts sometimes look like just a drop in the ocean, let’s not forget what Steve Jobs once said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Read more
Do we speak English in #brnoregion? Live

Do we speak English in #brnoregion?

For many companies in #brnoregion, speaking English is completely normal, and – as Austria is so close – lots of us speak German as well. And even if it may not always be simple with us in everyday life (we’ll try to answer in Czech to any other foreign language), we’re working on it and improving! Read more
Petra Střelecká: In Brno, sitting in a café is an experience Live

Petra Střelecká: In Brno, sitting in a café is an experience

Brno is a city of coffee. And top baristas! The baristas from Prague and Brno keep alternating on the first spot in Czech barista competitions. Petra Střelecká is one of them and she reaps awards not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. She came 5. at the prestigious Coffee Masters awards and became the most successful woman in making filtered coffee. She was born and studied in Moravia and learned the art of making great coffee in London. Read more
GREYCORTEX – A startup? Yes and no Do Business

GREYCORTEX – A startup? Yes and no

Even though GREYCORTEX celebrated only two years of existence in May, the work on its main product started a long time before. In the area of Internet security, GREYCORTEX are leading the industry and not only in the Czech Republic, as they begin to successfully expand abroad as well. Read more
Back to school. And to the lab and office, as well Study

Back to school. And to the lab and office, as well

Well, it’s all started again. And for pupils and students it’s not about getting back to the classroom on September 3; new discoveries, research, and fun – that’s what they can look forward to at school as well as during other activities and educational programs that support their interests in science and the spirit of enterprise. Read more
Sewio Networks: With a sense of wireless Do Business

Sewio Networks: With a sense of wireless

“We recognized the potential of wireless technologies in Industry 4.0 in time, so our sensors – among other things – help improve safety in factories.” Read more
KIWI.com: A rocket from #brnoregion Do Business

KIWI.com: A rocket from #brnoregion

​“How to handle our rapid growth – that’s the biggest challenge we’ve had to face. Currently, we have almost one thousand employees in the Czech Republic, and together with their colleagues from our outsource centres all over the world it’s almost two thousand,” says Oliver Dlouhý, CEO at Kiwi.com. Read more
The best climber in the world comes from #brnoregion Live

The best climber in the world comes from #brnoregion

Adam Ondra runs on rocks like a chamois and keeps breaking world records. He creates new grades (currently 9c) and reigns supreme in bouldering, vertical rock climbing and also on multi-pitch routes. He conquered the American icon El Capitan in eight days, breaking the current record by incredible 11 days. But at the same time this twenty-five-year-old man still keeps returning to #brnoregion where he allegedly started his climbing career by climbing out of his cot when he was ten months old. Read more
The best care for your head and heart Work

The best care for your head and heart

No, we can’t help with your broken heart in #brnoregion (well, we actually could, but let’s leave it for some other time…), but if you’re looking for the best experts on diseases, such as irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea or Alzheimer’s disease, the FNUSA-ICRC science and research centre is just the right place for you. Read more
Long live the Marmalade Queens! Live

Long live the Marmalade Queens!

In #brnoregion we can only dream about trees heavy with juicy lemons and oranges. But this doesn’t stop us from making some of the best marmalades in the world! How is that possible? Read more
There are no space technologies as such Work

There are no space technologies as such

To bring Space back to Earth and start-ups into orbit is the motto of space visionary and avid fan of startups Frank Salzgeber. Read more
In Vino Veritas in #brnoregion Live

In Vino Veritas in #brnoregion

Do you feel like having a glass of wine (or two, three, ehm…) from time to time? Right now? Cool! In that case #brnoregion is the right place for you because here you come across wine literally wherever you go (Busy? Come on, take it easy…). Given the long history of local winemaking, we definitely know what to do, both at the vineyard and later in the wine cellar. Read more
4 centres of excellence – 4 reasons to be proud Work

4 centres of excellence – 4 reasons to be proud

Some people know the word of “excellence” only from the diplomatic protocol, since expressions like “Your Excellency” abound there. If this word existed only in the sense of an honorary title, then four places in our region would have been packed by high officials, members of royal families and church hierarchs.... Read more
Red Hat presents Brno as an example for the whole world Work

Red Hat presents Brno as an example for the whole world

Software giant Red Hat launched its Brno subsidiary in 2006. At that time, it was manned by just a couple of people and its office wasn’t larger than a flat. Today this company employs more than 1,000 people in Czechia, also thanks to cooperation with the Faculty of informatics at the Masaryk University. Read more
Gaming stars are coming to Brno Live

Gaming stars are coming to Brno

The third annual game developers conference and festival, Game Access ‘18, is about to kick off in Brno. Beyond novelties from the digital gaming world, it also promises its attendees a weekend full of education, fun and, most importantly, chances to meet face-to-face with industry icons. Read more
Brno as the capital of European coffee culture Live

Brno as the capital of European coffee culture

Premium coffee is a huge trend all around Europe, but Brno is closer to it more than anyone else. That’s because we have been drinking it since the 18th century. We enjoy not only its taste but also unique and inspirative atmosphere emanating from local cafés. You see, sometimes it’s science to make a good coffee. But we live for science here in #brnoregion! Read more
University spin-off companies drive innovation Work

University spin-off companies drive innovation

Universities research, explore and develop. Useful things emerge! They can also come in handy outside of the academic sphere, where they can bring money (that can be used for further improvement, for instance). In addition to capital, we are all now watching innovation in research and industry. Read more
From A to B Live

From A to B

Speaking of transport and transportation, #brnoregion still has some issues to improve but also so much to be proud of. The public transport in Brno in particular is one of the city’s highlights and reason why living here is comfortable. Read more
Success in Nature: Method ranking helps to analyse cells Study

Success in Nature: Method ranking helps to analyse cells

A team of IT experts from Masaryk University made it all the way to the printed version of the Nature Methods journal as their paper, and the research that went into it, makes life much easier for their colleagues who study biology. The paper shows an easier way of choosing the best method of analysing image data obtained with optical microscopes. Read more
Enjoy Majáles - the biggest student festival Live

Enjoy Majáles - the biggest student festival

The most entertaining part of the student year in #brnoregion? Definitely spring. Before the semester moves into the test period, it’s necessary to recharge one’s batteries and to intersperse the semester with fun, concerts, theatre, and sports. A Majáles offers all of that! Experience the celebration of spring and youth and discover the student culture in #brnoregion! Read more
#brnoregion, Excellent Starting Line Live

#brnoregion, Excellent Starting Line

Four year seasons, varied landscapes and nature, great city with sporting facilities, this is a fantastic background for everyone to find the best sporting activities in #brnoregion. Read more
Spank the Baby! Easter Volume Live

Spank the Baby! Easter Volume

Czech Easter is a big deal. Controversial. Loved and hated. And also magic. Let’s find out what “pomlázka” is, how a decorated Easter egg looks like, and how a bit of symbolic violence (supposedly) makes women beautiful and healthy all the year round. Read more
Masaryk University attracts two time ERC grant recipient Study

Masaryk University attracts two time ERC grant recipient

Masaryk University is pleased to welcome a distinguished addition to their numbers. Daniel Kráľ, one of the world’s leading experts on graph theory, is the winner of the Muni Award in Science and Humanities grant competition. The funding of 5 million CZK (€197,000) a year received for a five year term will allow Kráľ to move from his current position at the University of Warwick, UK to the Faculty of Informatics at MU, and to bring with him his project financed by the European Research Council. Read more
Girls and Technology? Perfect couple Work

Girls and Technology? Perfect couple

Right. There is still majority of men in Czech IT and engineering. However, #brnoregion supports bright brains regardless of gender, and ladies and girls take the plunge! Read more
We Don´t Hack Around Work

We Don´t Hack Around

A gang of professionals, limited time, uncompromising deadline and useful software at the end: congratulations, you’ve just passed a fast track hackathon. This programming format is nearly 20 years old and extremely popular in #brnoregion too. Read more
Armin the Extraordinary Live

Armin the Extraordinary

What a funny paradox it is that insignificant trivia get in the spotlight while very important phenomena go unnoticed. Quite the same with people: there are so many so-called celebrities while we hardly ever know the true heroes worth our admiration. One of the greatest personalities of our country and modern science was Armin Delong. Have you ever heard this name? Read more
Sound Ingeneers Work

Sound Ingeneers

You have certainly seen many movies with agents filtering off sound layers off a crime suspect’s phone call to discover where the caller is. Nowadays the real job is very very similar to these images, partially thanks to spesialists from #brnoregion who have been involved in identification of speech records for over 20 years. Read more
Our hearts beat for games in #brnoregion Live

Our hearts beat for games in #brnoregion

Do you like playing? No matter if you prefer board games with a gang of friends or online gaming, #brnoregion will feel like heaven. We enjoy playing games and we love creating them too! Read more
Ice flowers for scientists Work

Ice flowers for scientists

There’s winter in #brnoregion, however we still haven’t got any snow. A team of scientists from Brno couldn’t wait and set off to a polar district ... thanks to their special electron microscope which they had created to facilitate research of ice patterns known as ice flowers. Read more


Competitions and awards improve any institution’s reputation in the expert circles and introduce achievements in science to the lay public. They also allow scientists to continue their work in a promising research. At the end of 2017 the students and scientists of Masaryk University succeeded in a few Czech and international contests: their accolades make a long list but it is certainly worth attention. Read more


„We have sped up the arrival of fire fighters and rescuers in up to a third of accidents. Through us they can share important information, communicate effectively and coordinate their arrival. In the beginning we had the idea for a student project. Thanks to JIC STARCUBE we started a company and today we have 20 employees. Our technology is used by private companies and the UN. GINA Software has helped save lives in South Moravia region, in Haiti and in Japan.”says Zbyněk Poulíček, founder and director of GINA software. Read more


She is 18. She studies Grammar School in Karlovy Vary and is a member of the research team at Masaryk University and university lecturer of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry for secondary school stud Read more


JIC STARCUBE is now launching registration for its ninth run. Teams with promising technology or products now have until 31st October to apply to central Europe’s longest running accelerator. Projects from all over the world – in hardware, cyber security and IoT – stand a chance of gaining a place. New for this year is a shorter more intensive programme, 24/7 access to a prototyping lab and also the presence of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab as a new partner. Read more


The chance of getting a prestigious ERC grant from the European Research Council is only about 10 percent per year from around the world... Read more


Faculties of Life Sciences at Masaryk University have joined to host an external seminar series of luminary scientist. Read more
Every Schoolboy Knows… Study

Every Schoolboy Knows…

First years of compulsory schooling in the Czech lands date back to 1774 when the Empress Maria Theresa introduced a school system reform. Present pupils may not feel very happy about it, however it is a privilege to enter the “Matrix” of the official system of education at the age of five (at the latest). Read more
From #brnoregion into space. And back Work

From #brnoregion into space. And back

#brnoregion has had a great influence on the relationship between the Czechia and the rest of the universe. And it still holds true to this day. Read more
Enantis: Out of University Lab into Business Work

Enantis: Out of University Lab into Business

Interesting conclusions of university research do not necessarily end up in academic files. They often become the driving force in business. One of the ways to introduce the scientific research in commerce is a spin-off company. A great example from #brnoregion is Enantis. Read more
Czech Student Makes Smartphone Batteries Last Longer Study

Czech Student Makes Smartphone Batteries Last Longer

You know that, hardly anything makes you as dismayed as a flat battery of your phone in the middle of a busy day. One of the greatest problems of a modern smartphone is the short battery charging cycle. No matter how smart your phone is, you have to be smarter and you must not forget to recharge it daily, or even keep your recharger or a powerbank handy. This may soon become history thanks to the research by Jiří Matyáš from #brnoregion. Read more


In 1947 the first electron microscope was brought to Brno as part of UNRRA help after World War II. Only three years later, in 1950 scientists in Electron Optics Laboratory at Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences lead by Armin Delong made the first electron microscope of Czech production.  Read more
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